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"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for saving me several court appearances, garnished wages, and about $30,000."
- Mike Barrett
You handled this debt in a fast and cheap way after years of bill collectors trying to make us feel guilty of something we didn't create.
- Cesar Gomez
Client settles $21,000 medical
debt on his credit card account.

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Tax Relief

Get Professional Tax Relief Assistance


You can be certain about two things in life - "dying" and "paying taxes." If you owe the IRS, never assume your taxes will magically disappear. Being delinquent taxes on taxes can cause major interest and penalties to pile up fast! Plus, IRS debt collectors can get very nasty. IRS collection enforcement can include a levy on your bank account, tax levy on your income tax refund, wage garnishment, or property seizure. However, hiring a Tax Relief Professional can relieve you from a lot stress.

Assistance from an IRS-qualified professional can help you stop or prevent a bank levy, tax levy, property seizure, or stop or reduce an existing wage garnishment. Additionally, it can allow you to set up an affordable tax repayment plan to pay only a fraction of what you currently owe to have your IRS tax debt considered repaid in full.

As soon as you sign up, the Tax Relief Professional representing you will notify the IRS that in good faith, you hired a tax professional to resolve your tax issues. A Limited Power of Attorney will be filed with the IRS so that the Tax Relief Professional gets a copy of your tax correspondence. A transcript of your IRS tax file will be revised to determine if you need to file an amended tax return, past due tax return, or if any filing dates are late. The Tax Relief Professional will also investigate if any errors were made by the IRS that may help reduce your tax liability. The initial investigation may take 30-90 days due to delays by the IRS in sending your tax file.


Benefits of an Offer in Compromise


Upon completion of the investigation, the Tax Relief Professional will prepare an Offer in Compromise (OIC) submission. The Offer in Compromise is an agreement between you and the Internal Revenue Service to settle your tax liability for less than the full amount owed. This benefit can substantially reduce the principal tax debt as well as any penalties and interest.

TThe process of obtaining the actual Offer in Compromise can take 8-18 months. During this period, you will have temporary tax payment relief and will not have to make any payments to the IRS. However, you will need to put money aside while waiting for the Offer in Compromise IRS settlement response.

Post Offer in Compromise Payment Options:


Upon announcement of the settlement amount that the IRS is willing to take on your Offer in Compromise, your savings can range between 35-75% on the principal tax debt depending on your age and assets. However, you will be required to remit a lump sum payment to the IRS to have the tax liability considered paid in full.

If you have not saved, or have no access to funds to pay the settlement in full, you will be required to pay 100% of the principal tax debt. Additionally:

  • In order for you to payoff the tax debt, the tax law firm will negotiate a Monthly Payment Plan with the IRS;
  • If you can afford the Monthly Payment Plan, the Tax Relief Professional will request a "Currently Not Collectible" status, which will buy you another 12 months of non-payment until you are in a financial position to afford the new Monthly Payment Plan;
  • After the 12 months, the Tax Relief Professional will re-evaluate your financial profile to reassess your ability to start making monthly payments, or if another Currently Not Collectible status must be requested.
  • Finally, bankruptcy can be a last resort. All or some of your IRS taxes may be discharged under a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. The final IRS tax debt bankruptcy discharge is subject to strict rules as ordered by a bankruptcy judge.
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