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"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for saving me several court appearances, garnished wages, and about $30,000."
- Mike Barrett
You handled this debt in a fast and cheap way after years of bill collectors trying to make us feel guilty of something we didn't create.
- Cesar Gomez
Client settles $21,000 medical
debt on his credit card account.

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Debt Free client Testimonials

Debt Settlement Testimonials:


Real Clients tell what DEBT FREE LEAGUE did for them.



Client Testimonial

Mike Barrret:


  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for saving me several court appearances, garnished wages, and about $30,000. It is like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.  



Client Testimonial

Ricardo Guevarra:


  I would like to thank Debt Free League's program for assisting me to solve my financial problems, which made me feel financially impaired. I was able to see that Debt Free League is legitimate and positive. Once again, I thank you for all the help you provided me with. I will try to talk to other people that are in the same situation that I was in so that they can be helped too. On my end, I will recommend Debt Free League.
Thank you so much for services.



Client Testimonial

Joyce Olsen:


  Debt Free League recently settled my credit card debt with Citi Bank for about $3,000 less than the amount I owed. I was being sued for the full amount plus legal fees, so having a third party negotiate on my behalf and settle at less than I owed was a huge relief. Their customer service representatives have always been responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. I feel less overwhelmed by my debt and am confident it will be fully paid off soon, as Debt Free League continues to work with my creditors to eliminate my debt quickly and in a way I can afford.






Client Testimonial

Juana Avina:


  We are short of words expressing our gratitude. Thanks for your help and counseling, setting us free of debt, and saving us half of what we owed. I hope with all my heart that you keep on doing such an amazing job helping others during this recession, which made it almost impossible to survive this economy. Thanks to your help we kept up with our responsibilities. This is why we feel a great commitment of expressing in this simple letter one of the many ways of saying we are forever grateful. We feel the need to inform others of the great work you have done providing us with this much needed help so they know that they are not alone and that there is help out there to make it easy and possible to survive these hard times without any stress. Take for example my testimonial, my debt was as follows:

COSCO:               $2034.58 (I Paid $800.00)
CHASE BANK:     $9511.14 (I Paid $4000.00

And this is why I give A THOUSAND THANKS






Client Testimonial

Julio Fernandez:


  You handled my debt in a fast and cheap way after years of bill collectors calling daily trying to make us feel guilty of something we didn't create.



Client Testimonial

Guadalupe Consuelo:


  I can say that you helped me ease my worries owing on credit cards and that I'm more at peace in having met my obligation to pay them. Thank you very much for helping me get a good negotiation. I will also have the pleasure to recommend you to other people that are passing through situations like the one I had. Thank you!



Client Testimonial

Brian Holland:


  When the economy took a downturn, our income wasn't keeping up with our expenses. With our daughter getting ready to start college, we couldn't even keep up with our minimum payments. We had to find a solution to our problem or face bankruptcy. When we contacted Debt Free League, I was skeptical that they were going to be able to help. There were times during the settlement period that I wasn't sure if we had chosen the right path to solve our problems, but in a year and a half, they completely settled all of our debt for less than half of what we owed. It was our fault that we got into so much debt, but I was relieved to find someone to help us get our lives back on track.



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You can debt-free in much less time than a consumer credit counseling debt consolidation program, benefiting not only from a substantial reduction on interest, but also on principal and fees.
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