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"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for saving me several court appearances, garnished wages, and about $30,000."
- Mike Barrett
You handled this debt in a fast and cheap way after years of bill collectors trying to make us feel guilty of something we didn't create.
- Cesar Gomez
Client settles $21,000 medical
debt on his credit card account.

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08-27-2011: Debt Free League Offers Lower Fee Small Businesses Debt Restructuring Over Business Loans and Bad Credit Business Credit Cards
08-14-2011: Debt Consolidation Alternative, Debt Free League Says: Less in Debt Visit Bankruptcy Court; More Sue Debt Collection Agencies
07-20-2011: Debt-Free League Killer Economy Prolonged by Domestic Violence Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy
07-07-2011: Business Debt Reduction Excels Over Business Loan and Chapter11 Bankruptcy
12-31-2010: Grades-Credit Counseling Debt Relief with an F Amid High Bankruptcy Rate
10-31-2010: Debt Free League Claims Offer in Compromise Tax Settlement Provides Tax Relief for Delinquent Filers
11-06-2010: Debt Free League Review on Debt Relief Otions Alleviates Unemployment Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Woes
08-10-2010: DEBT SETTLEMENT Video FAQ Explains Debt Negotiation Bankruptcy Alternative
08-15-2010: Estimated 1.6 Million Bankruptcies Question Effectiveness of Credit Counseling Debt Consolidation Bankruptcy Alternative
06-15-2010: Debt Free League Warns Financial Reform Bill Won't Reduce Debt Schemes on Credit Card Debt and Payday Loans
06-10-2010: Superior Debt Reduction Debt Consolidation Alternative Becomes Debt-to-Freedom Plan
05-22-2010: Debt Settlement Company Bankruptcy Alternative Provides Faster Debt Consolidation than Credit Counseling
04-10-2010: More Money Goes in Taxpayers' Pockets from Tax Refunds and Credit Card Debt Settlements
03-22-2010: Credit Card Debt Delinquencies May Lead to More Illegal Debt Collection, Creditor Harassment, and Bankruptcy Filings
03-17-2010: Debt Settlement Company Report Warns of Credit Card Company Fee Schemes Spiting New Credit Card Act
03-10-2010: Latin-Queen-of-Soul-Meritxell-Negre-Partners-with-Debt-Free-League-to-Help-More-Americans-Become-Debt-Free
01-10-2010: Cancer Patient's Medical Debt Ends in Brother's Credit Card Debt Settlement Victory Over Bankruptcy
01-03-2010: Corporate Bankruptcy Rises 44% As Business Debt Settlement Alliance Helps Businesses Avoid Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 11
11-15-2009: Debt Settlement "800-213-9968 Reduce Weight on Credit Card Debt Campaign" Rivals Bankruptcy With New Debt Negotiation Features and Lower Fees
08-04-2009: Debt Settlement Company Unites With Dr. Andrea Pennington and "I LOVE YOU, ME! Women's Empowerment Project"
07-09-2009: Debt Free League Warns Consumers About Abusive Debt Settlement Companies
06-23-2009: Debt Settlement Program Offers Families and Businesses Bankruptcy Alternative
05-12-2009: Helps Fight Recession and Unemployment
09-26-2008: Debt Free League Sponsors Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race
05-13-2008: Debt Free League Sponsors ID ME NOW
04-28-2008: Debt Free League Supports HDSA Fight on Huntington's Disease
10-24-2007: Honoring Law Enforcement Workers during 2007 Wildfires
10-23-2007: Supporting Local Shelters and Evacuees of 2007 San Diego County Wildfires
09-30-2007: Participating Sponsors of 18th Annual AIDS Walk San Diego
09-30-2007: Sponsors of YME National Breast Cancer Organization Walk
Debt Free League is a debt negotiation and debt settlement organization that works on behalf of consumers and small business owners that have financial hardships. The company's Debt-to-Freedom Plan is a bankruptcy alternative that negotiates settlements of unsecured personal, medical and business debts.


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You can debt-free in much less time than a consumer credit counseling debt consolidation program, benefiting not only from a substantial reduction on interest, but also on principal and fees.
Proud Member of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau. Promoting ethical business practices worldwide.

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