TweetDebt Free League gives 5 STARS as the best online personal finance tool for San Diego debt relief. In our line of business, where on-time debt management is crucial, staff at Debt Free League has been giddy over Being well aware that education is the number one tool


TweetThe following is a review of third-party debt collector, the collection law firm of Zwicker and Associates PC (a.k.a Zwicker & Associates): Name: Zwicker & Associates, PC Address: 80 Minuteman Rd Andover, Massachusetts 01810-1031 Telephone: 800-370-2251 866-367-9942 Fax: 978-686-3538 Website: President: Paul W. Zwicker (admitted to Massachusetts BAR in



Mar 2012


Six Tips to Calculate if Debt Consolidation is Right or You

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TweetMillions of people in the U.S. are overwhelmingly struggling to get out of debt. Many see debt consolidation as the most feasible debt relief option. It is true that debt consolidation can merge multiple unsecured debts into a single, more affordable debt repayment. This debt management strategy is essentially achieved


TweetDebt Free League loves to help San Diego Debt Relief seekers with the Debt-to-Freedom Plan. Every month, we receive client testimonials talking about how we helped them avoid bankruptcy or alleviate creditor harassment. And whether we help people to liquidate their credit card debts, medical bills or business debts at



Mar 2012


San Diego Bankruptcy Review. Should You File?

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TweetIf you live in the San Diego or Imperial counties this Debt Free League Blog review will help you make a more informed decision on filing San Diego bankruptcy. Court Venue: U.S. Bankruptcy Court District: Southern District of California Building: Jacob Weinberger U.S. Courthouse Address: 325 West F Street San


Tweet    CAUTION: If searching for Chula Vista Lawn Care, YOU MUST READ THIS!   The Debt Free League Blog teaches people in debt how to fight back against the injustices of banks and debt collectors.  We also occasionally expose other unfair business practices, such as in this review of Chula Vista


TweetDiscover credit card company, Discover Financial Services, faces a tough year ahead. The 6ht largest U.S. credit-card issuer by customer spending, estimates a regulatory enforcement probe on their marketing practices by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp may hurt their net income over $100,000,000. Here’s


TweetAlthough we’re past a recession, countless consumers in California are still desperately struggling to pay off debts and mortgages. It’s appalling that while the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act gave hundreds of billions bailout money to U.S. banks, Californians were denied economic relief. Compounding the problem, already scarce debt consolidation loans


TweetFor those of you that are digging for dirt to see if the following debt collection agency is a bad bill collector, we hope that thisinformation can help: Alternate Business Names: Convergent E R Solutions, Inc. E R S Website: Locations: Atlanta HQ Six Concourse Parkway, Suite 2920 Atlanta,



Jan 2012


Winn and Sims APC aka Winn Law Group Review

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TweetCompany: Winn & Sims APC Website: Address: 110 East Wilshire Avenue, Suite 212 Fullerton, California 92832 U.S Phone Numbers: Phone: 714-446-6686 Fax: 714-446-6686 Head Collection Attorneys: Brian N. Winn, Lawyer, CA Bar #86779 Ralph L. Sims, Lawyer, CA Bar #83880 ATTN: This news will be very helpful for you


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