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"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for saving me several court appearances, garnished wages, and about $30,000."
- Mike Barrett
You handled this debt in a fast and cheap way after years of bill collectors trying to make us feel guilty of something we didn't create.
- Cesar Gomez
Client settles $21,000 medical
debt on his credit card account.

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Debt settlement FAQ

The Right California Debt Settlement Solution

Medical debt contributes to over 50% of California's personal bankruptcies. Because of a lack of affordable health insurance, Californians have racked up credit card debt to pay exorbitant medical debt. And the high level of unemployment has made the medical debt landscape even gloomier.

Despite the Obama administration passing health care reform in 2010, there has never been financial relief on medical debt on the federal or state level, not even for the multitudes of Californians, who are on the verge of bankruptcy due medical bills. However, medical debt settlement relief is in sight as a result of a California debt settlement solution, the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan.

The remarkable bankruptcy alternative has given Californians powerful debt relief not just on medical bills, but also on credit card debt caused by medical problems. In lieu of filing bankruptcy, people have been able to slash hospital and doctor bills in half.

Additionally, people who have pursued debt settlement have avoided the long-term credit damage caused by bankruptcy. Although debt settlement can initially cause your credit to decline, completing the settlement process later improves the debt-to-income ratio, which composes one-third of the consumer credit score.

If you are considering a great California debt settlement solution, look for a debt settlement company that has in-house debt negotiators. Various companies sub out debt negotiation services to third-party debt settlement service providers. However, outsourcing debt negotiation hurts people's chances to get good settlements. Working directly with an experienced debt negotiator can streamline negotiations and deliver you better quality service.

The California debt settlement specialist that you choose should also have experience negotiating a variety of unsecured accounts, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit cards
  • Department store credit cards
  • Gas cards
  • Personal loans
  • Collection accounts
  • Charge off accounts
  • Uncollateralized credit union accounts
  • Unsecured student loans
  • Unsecured finance company accounts
  • Foreclosure deficiencies
  • Timeshare deficiencies
  • Auto repossession deficiencies
Finally, if you choose a California debt settlement specialist that will control your settlement funds, ensure they're licensed as a Prorater. Under the California Check Sellers, Bill Payers and Proraters Law, a company that contracts with delinquent debtors and intercedes with creditors to settle debts on behalf of the debtor or pays its customers' bills as part of its management of its customers' affairs must be licensed as a Prorater. They must also maintain a minimum of $10,000 net worth and a surety bond of $25,000.

Because we at Debt Free League believe that YOU should be in control of your money, our California customers maintain 100% care and control of their savings. All clients of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan keep their settlement funds in an FDIC-insured savings account. This policy helps ensure that your funds are safe and never misused, and are always readily available for settlements.

About Debt Free League:

The complete debt settlement service provider is pioneer of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan. The company employs in-house debt negotiation specialists to help people in financial hardships negotiate settlements of personal, medical, and business debts. The average client savings is 50 percent. The company is also affiliated with Libre de Deudas, which services the Hispanic community. Free debt settlement phone consultations are available by calling 800.213.9968.

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